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-20% Bath Kneeler & Support Set

-20% Bath Kneeler & Support Set

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Comfort, safety and convenience: BabyBathHelper: Foldable knee and arm support mat.

BabyBathHelper is an absolute must for parents who know how troublesome it is to kneel on the hard bathroom floor during bathing. This set consists of a thick, comfortable mat for the knees and a padded pad for the elbows, both of which provide optimal support and comfort. The soft but durable foam padding reduces pressure on your joints and makes bath time a much more pleasant experience for you and your baby.

The set is made of high-quality, water-friendly materials that are easy to clean and quick to dry. The knee pad and elbow support have a non-slip surface that provides a safe, stable position while bathing your child. Plus, the knee pad fits most standard tubs and offers plenty of room to move.

In addition to comfort and safety, this set of bath kneeler and elbow pad also focuses on convenience. It's equipped with multiple storage compartments where you can keep all of your baby's bathing essentials close at hand. The bath pincher and elbow pad are also easy to set up and store away. When not in use, they can be hung to dry or folded for easy storage.

It's a thoughtful gift for new parents or a worthwhile investment for your own home. This set will ensure that you can focus on the joy of bathing with your child and make it a calming routine for both of you.

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