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-20% baby drinking bottle with straw

-20% baby drinking bottle with straw

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Are you looking for a practical and versatile drinking solution for your child?

Then the Flowy drinking bottle with 350 ml capacity is just right for you.

A special feature of our bottle is the integrated straw, which supports the transition of your child from sucking to slurping. The straw is flexible, durable and absolutely safe for your child. It also promotes the development of the mouth muscles. The straw is especially suitable for children who are ready to switch from the bottle to the cup, but are not yet so good with the cup.

To further enhance comfort and ease of use, this bottle is equipped with a gravity ball. This allows your child to drink comfortably from any angle, encouraging self-feeding skills and making the drinking experience more enjoyable for your child. With its ergonomic design, our FlowyDrinking Bottle combines functionality with comfort, making mealtimes easier and more enjoyable for both parents and children.

Choose the Flowy bottle today and experience the ease and convenience of feeding your baby. Order now and give your child the best possible drinking experience!

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