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-30% Montessori Felt Finger Numbers Toy

-30% Montessori Felt Finger Numbers Toy

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Ready to count and learn with the Montessori felt finger number toy!

Say goodbye to boring math lessons! Our Montessori felt finger number toy turns counting into an exciting adventure. With vibrant colors and tactile felt, your little ones will love learning numbers like never before.

Let those tiny fingers do the talking! This toy encourages hands-on exploration and helps children grasp numerical concepts with ease. You will literally feel the numbers and learning will become more engaging and memorable.

Unleash the Power of Early Childhood Education. Montessori principles guide the design to ensure your child's intelligence flourishes. Counting becomes second nature and lays the foundation for a successful academic future.

We know parents value simplicity. Our felt finger number toy is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to love. No more complicated setups or mess - just pure learning fun.


  • Exciting and interactive learning
  • Practical, tactile experience
  • Development of early childhood math skills
  • Montessori-inspiriertes Design
  • Parent-friendly simplicity
Ready to ignite your child's love of numbers? Get your Montessori felt finger number toy today and watch them count their way to success!
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