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-20% CubeFace educational game

-20% CubeFace educational game

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Awaken the imagination and the fun of learning with CubeFace, the unique educational toy for children!

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and discovery as your child plays with these versatile wooden building blocks. CubeFace allows your child to explore facial expressions, recognize shapes and develop problem-solving skills.

By combining the building blocks, your child can create different facial expressions and playfully express their emotions. This Montessori-inspired toy promotes cognitive development, fine motor skills and logical thinking. The high-quality wooden construction ensures durability and safety during play.

Order CubeFace now and experience with your child the joy of learning and playful discovery. Give your child a gift that is not only fun, but also promotes development!


  • Promotes cognitive and problem-solving skills
  • Develops fine motor and logical thinking skills
  • Montessori-inspired educational toy
  • Versatile facial expressions and shapes to explore
  • High quality wooden construction for durability and safety
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