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-20% baby sleeping bag

-20% baby sleeping bag

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Keep your newborn warm and safe!

Our hearty Beary not only gives warmth and a sense of security, but also looks adorable. Your baby will love Beary!

Our Bears will keep your baby warm in any situation, you can use it as a wrap, sleeping bag, stroller blanket, crib wrap, baby clothes and so on.

Velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off.

The surface and inside is soft, comfortable and breathable. The innovative split leg design also makes it easy for your baby to sit, roll, climb, kick and sleep comfortably. The hood design makes your baby feel warm and cozy.

Step 1: Put your baby on the baby sleeping bag.
Step 2: Place your sweetie's legs in the leg pockets. Align the shoulder with the top of the open wrap.

Step 3: Place the right wing over the left and secure the tabs. The wings should be securely over the chest.
Step 4: Gently stretch your sweetie's hands out if needed and you're ready for a sweet sleep!


Can be used as a wrap blanket, sleeping bag, stroller blanket, swaddle blanket, baby clothes, etc.

Comfortable, warm sleeping bag for baby when traveling or playing outside with parents. Effortless transportation. From home to the stroller on the way!
The weight of the Beary is about 250-350 g. It is thick enough to keep your baby nice and warm.

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